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WOW...70 years...How fantastic! 

It has been my honor to work for such a professional organization. I have found NADAA to be a caring organization who works to promote Dance to its members and participants at the finest degree.  An organization with HEART.


Happy 70th NADAA!


Debbi Dee, Tap Teacher & NADAA's 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

I was involved with NADAA for almost 15 years as a ballet teacher and a judge!

My first impression of the organization was the high standards that they conveyed to the students- respect for the art form, discipline in class, and supportive fellowship through the weekend convention.

Their striving for high professional ethics in teaching and performing was noteworthy.

I have great memories of working with the students, the elegant formal dinners, and the informal gatherings with the wonderful NADAA members .

Keep going!  It is a fun,exciting and learning experience for all !

Best, Kathy Sullivan

STEPS on Broadway

Barnard College @ Columbia University

Peridance Center

A Note from Keith Leonhardt:
What an incredible time to celebrate and enjoy the longevity of NADAA in it’s 70th anniversary
celebration. NADAA is one of the most incredible dance conferences I have been fortunate enough to
experience and be a part of. They understand that quality dance education matters in today”s industry and
I am honored to have been asked to teach on the faculty and judge their National Competition multiple
times. They ensure that the proper training is established by bringing in cultivating, inspiring, and
motivating dance educators in all fields of dance. When I was first asked to teach for NADAA, I realized
how much of an impact I can make on students. Some of my best teaching moments have happened over
the course of NADAA’s conferences. I have seen students change before my eyes and they make that
“switch” in the brain that makes sense to them. That for me, is one of the greatest rewards of all as an
educator. I am grateful for NADAA continuously creating a rich, safe, and inspiring space for students to
work on their craft and realize the artistry behind who they are. On a personal level, NADAA has been a
huge stepping stone for me (like many others) towards the launching of my professional career in the
dance industry on the convention scene. I implore every student currently taking dance today to attend
one of NADAA’s conventions as it continues to grow and blossom into it’s 70th anniversary. Thank you
to the creators, the president, board members, and of course...every student that keeps NADAA the
incredible training ground it is today. It holds a special place in my heart both professionally and

When I think of NADAA, I think of family, friends, and fellow dance educators who share the same passion for this art we know as, DANCE.


I can't exactly recall the year I was introduced to NADAA but I know that the introduction came by way of the late, jazz dance legend, Frank Hatchett. This was easily 20 years ago, and while I refuse to tell you how old I am now, I will gladly tell you that NADAA has been one of the most consistent things in my life.


From assisting Frank Hatchett at the NADAA Conventions to eventually teaching my own classes for NADAA, and now having my own company that serves as a resource for staffing NADAA Conventions, the encouragement, the trust, and the love I have received throughout is immeasurable.


NADAA, two paragraphs cannot really express what a blessing you have been to me and so many others. I wish you the best 70th anniversary and hope that your legacy continue to inspire dancers and dance educators worldwide.


-- Jason Warley

Man In Motion, Owner/Director

Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for allowing me the opportunity to teach for NADAA once again. 


 I had so much fun with the kids.  They were well versed in the material they were confident with, and very receptive to new ideas and methods.  Please thank all of your member teachers for the lovely training they are giving their students.  It was delightful to finally meet you, and put a face to the name, and it was great to see Maria and some of the other teachers that I haven't seen in awhile.


Please extend my wishes to all of your members and their students for  successful dance year!  Thank you again.


Sharon DiCrosta

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